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Does anyone currently commute to the Wharf?

I'm a confident cyclist and looking for the most efficient, safest route. The towpath along the canal is nice but I think will be a bit slow and no good for winter.

The simplest route (and most polluted) looks to be Green Lanes over to the A10 and then the A13.

Many thanks

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The canal is not as bad as you think, especially early in the morning. It is half of the total distance and has no traffic lights so you can do a consistent speed. The busy part also has a road alongside it (Regent's row) if you prefer but once you're at Victoria Park you can go through there and then Mile End -> Docklands. I prefer staying on until Limehouse Basin. Many years ago you could see Johnny Vaughn and Denise Van Outen doing the big breakfast on your way in.

Just checking Strava, the most popular route from Harringay to Docklands seems to be Turnpike Lane, Muswell HIll, Woodside Ave, Bishop's Ave, Hampstead Lane, Highgate West Hill, Highgate Rd, Right onto Prince of Wales Rd, Eton Rd, Primrose Hill Rd, Regent's Park Rd, through to Regent's Park, accelerate around the park using gravity about five times until you hit 25mph and then A501 to Hoxton, B135 to the canal and you should be there.

Oh I see, most efficient, safest route. Sorry.

I travelled thetow path all the way to Limehouse basin from Markfield park for three years before office was moved to Westminster for economic reasons. Now they are movng office back to Canary Wharf again in September for the same reasons. It's a lovely route even in winter and much less polluted than the street route.



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