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My lovely hairdresser, Marta, has just set her self up on her own. She is just over the railway at Hornsey at Aggasi Hair and Beauty, 73 Tottenham Lane, London N8 9BE, telephone 07720 858881. She is fantastic and has been cutting my hair for a couple of years. It would be great to get everyone to support her new business and see it grow.

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I'll second that recommendation - I have been seeing her for a couple of years too in one of the Crouch End salons. I was so sad when she left and so pleased to find her again! I've been to have my hair cut with her today in her lovely new salon. And to top it off her prices are very reasonable (much less than I was paying to see her when it wasn't her salon!).

Thanks Karen and Laura for the recommendation. Will book an appointment with Marta for next week.

We also recommend a MEN'S HAIR SALON in SEVEN SISTERS, N15 5BY

SLIMS BARBERS, check it out at slimsbarbers.co.uk

They also do Cut and Blow-Dry for women. 

Definitely  one of the best in the area

I'll second this.

Nice place, friendly service, good cutting skills and very reasonable prices.

I've been trying to find the right hairdresser/barber around Harringay for ages - this is it.

I tried out the Aggassi salon  this week - yes Marta is excellent and I'm fussy! I definitely recommend her too, I'm hooked. Her salon is lovely. I had been struggling to find somewhere I liked after Vintage closed.

Excellent - I'm looking for a more local hairdresser too - the schlep to Stoke Newington is impractical for a non-driver. 

Karen - would you recommend her for hair colouring too? (Sorry - not implying that you dye your hair just because I do!)

Really glad you loved her as much as I do Justine. I'm also very fussy! Edel, I am going to see her in the next week or two for colour (I've only had cuts from her so far, but need to start covering the greys) so I will let you know.

I went for a booked appointment with Marta today, but salon was closed. I bumped into the owner who told me that she's planning to take on more stylists, but not up and running yet. She told me that Marta has relocated.

Do you know anything Karen?

Oh that's disappointing - came on to post as I'd not been able to contact Marta, but now I know why. What a shame, I really liked her. Back to the drawing board ...
I've been trying to contact her too, without success. I'm so disappointed as she was great. I will have to return to my original salon with my tail between my legs I suppose!

I think the Aggassi salon is going to continue with a different stylist, maybe even a former colleague of Marta's. The salon tel no is 0203 581 7441. So if anyone goes there, let me know if any good. I think Marta has gone to Poland.
Otherwise, any recommendations for hairdressers?

Good news. Marta is back!



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