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Family to Join Nanny Share* near Downhills Park, n17 / n15 from Sept 2019

We are looking for a local family to join our fab current nanny share arrangement. My son (who will be 2 by September) and another local little boy have been looked after 4 days a week by our lovely nanny for almost a year, sadly the family we share with's circumstances have changed so we're hoping to find someone to fill their spot. 

Some more info: 

- A typical day with our caring, loving nanny includes a local class in the morning eg music, some park time, and post nap fun at home - drawing, dancing in the garden ?

- We currently have the boys at our house half the month, and at the other family's house the rest of the time - we'd be looking for something  similar with our next share family. This means we provide food for both boys and our nanny (she cooks them nice meals), space for them to nap, and that they each get a bit of time at their own house but also the variety of visiting each others also. 

- I can't speak highly enough of our nanny; we feel very lucky to have her and really hope to find someone who can help us carry on our arrangement. 

Ideally you'll also want a fun, loving environment for your son or daughter, who would be in a similar age bracket.

Please let me know on 07905 615475 if you are interested. 

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Hi Simon

are you still looking for someone to share your nanny with? If so can you please call me on 07813372869

thanks Rita



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