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We've been trying to improve our manky patio and have some leftover stuff free to anyone interested who can collect from West Green Road (near Downhills Park).

There are 3 sections of this fake grass (don't judge – would love real grass!) 


Biggest one is pretty big and could do a patio or a section of one:

  • 230cm x 150cm

Then there are two smaller sections (pictured below):

  • 150cm x 120cm
  • 105cm x 105cm square

We also have some random bits of softwood timber:

  • Three 176cm lengths
  • Two 3 metres lengths of 19mm x 32mm, plus two shorter 75cm lengths of this
  • One 2m timber joist

You can take some or all, just let me know. 

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The wood would be handy. I've sent you a request

I would be interested in the fake grass, please.

Sure, I’ve sent you a message in HOL Mail

If the joist is available I'd take that please. 

Yep, Dan wanted the shorter bits so please do take the joist. I’ll send you a connection request

If the fake grass hasn’t doesn’t get nabbed up then id be interested. 

Afraid this has been collected

Just the two 3 metre lengths of 19mm x 32mm left if they’d be useful to anyone!

Hi Lucys, if the 2 x 3m bits of wood still around i'll pick them up

Sure, I’ll send you a connection request



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