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Hi Guys,

Has anyone on the forum recently had either fake grass and / or decking put in ans can you please recommend a company or tradesman? I have no idea how much this will cost so any advice or comments on this is more than welcome,

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You can get the decking from the Wood Green wood yard and fake grass from Amazon and drill from Argos. You tube how to lay decking. Lay on top the fake grass. Keep it sturdy with some pot plants. Probably cost you somewhere around £1500 for a small terrace.

I would recommend paying extra for the good grass, nice and thick with good Amazon reviews.
If you can't find anyone to install here, try task rabbit.

thanks for the advice! probably a bit much for my DIY skills

Hi Con

As ever interesting advice from FPK which is ok if you're a competent DIYer, which I like to think I am. Over the last year or so I've undertaken some major work on my garden. I constructed a raised decking area which I did myself with some helpful guidance from David O'Doherty who was carrying out some major internal building work as well as undertaking some landscaping and laying a patio. I found the most important and perhaps difficult area of work was the structure upon which the decking was laid - get this right and ensuring the decking isn't sitting in water and you're home and dry. I also laid water and electrical cables which took some forward planning.

Anyway I am sure David, who is a fantastic and friendly all round builder and always doing work in the area, will be more than happy to provide a quote and advice, you can contact him on: 07830119421.

thanks for the advice Steve, i will give David a shout

Hello, we had some artificial grass laid by this company last year http://www.westlondonartificialgrass.co.uk
It wasn't cheap but the quality of the grass is great, they laid a sand base first & sealed the edges. For the sake of avoiding the hassle of transporting, cutting, dealing with all the mess & quality of the finish, I'm glad I paid the extra. If you want something which is cheaper then I noticed the other day that Jewson at crouch end sell it. I wasn't very impressed with the look of it though, it reminded me of the artificial grass that green grocers use in their shop displays!

cheers Abi will get a quote from them!



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