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Fairland Park - photos and a short timelapse video from the outdoor film event

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Well done for organising.  It was a lovely evening.

Somewhat disappointing. We brought our granddaughters to see Frozen at 4:30. Film did not start until 5:45. I appreciate this was due to the bright sunlight impacting on the screen. Even then it was almost impossible to see the picture which was very small since the full screen size was not being used by the projector. (I see from the photos that this was rectified for the later films) We had to leave about 630 due to demands of bed time so no chance to watch the film to the end

For this we were charged, and I mean charged, £10.00. Absolutely no discussion at the gate about donation.

I don't begrudge the money as I am hopeful that it goes to a good cause but I won't be rushing back to the next "free" event.

Hi Jim

I'm really sorry about what happened - this was the first year that we tried to have a range of films for all ages and we were hopeful that we would be able to show films from 4.30pm but as you were aware this was not the case. We won't be repeating this early start time next year and will revert back to  6 or 6.30pm.

I'm very sorry that you felt that you 'demanded' to pay a set fee to come in.

For the record, the whole event cost more than £1000 to put on, so we did have to recoup our costs.



This blew me away since when I lived in Frobisher this space - a former bomb-site - was occupied by pre-fabs!

Our understanding was that the site was saved from permanent houses being built on it by Jeremy Corbyn in the late 70's when he was a Haringey councillor. At the time he was living on Lausanne Rd

Odd that the old pre-fabs that replaced bombed out houses were not replaced with more housing, which continues to be needed. Cheap shot at Jeremy too.



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