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The Thames water works have begun and Fairfax road is choking in the pollution caused by the idling, gridlocked traffic that has been diverted from Wightman rd.  Can anyone tell me who I can write to who might be able to amend the diversion so that it goes down more roads than just Beresford and Fairfax?

I've contacted Gina, Sarah and Zena of Harringay ward. Is there anyone else, or anything else I can do? The air is already thick with pollution and three weeks of this will be very serious for health of children living on the road, including mine. Thanks for any advice. 

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You mean motorbikes?

No, cars.  I had a row with one of the drivers.  I've put a traffic cone in the middle of the pavement but that won't stop someone who's really determined.

My goodness! You’d think they were being asked to take a 50-mile detour. Well done for placing a bollard. 

I saw this happening last night too. I was on Wightman when Adamvietnam photographed the cars going the wrong way down Effingham. It was no accident, one went down and the rest followed. This was also observed whilst a car went the wrong way up beresford. The lawless culture in this area is utterly depressing. 

It's drivers like this who give all motorists a bad name.

Says no one, ever.

There was a police van parked on Wightman Road at the top of Effingham Road a few minutes back so hopefully there will be less of that mularkey for a while.


Had enough of the cars and scooters mounting the pavement out the front of ours on wightman last night. Confronted a couple and was a duly threatened with having my phone smashed and them coming back tomorrow for filming them. Call the police..no response to my knowledge. They are predominantly delivery drivers but very few have any branding on their top boxes. My neighbours daughter was nearly hit when stepping out of her house by a scooter. 

I take it that its an inconvience but at least push your scooter, it really takes the piss. 



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