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Just saw a paunchy dark haired, middle aged man in a tracksuit really whacking his small dog on the head and torso, plus a good kick on Fairfax rd. Small dog's crime was to wander off ahead, which happened because the man had failed to use a collar or lead on the dog. Is it ok to post a photo of this ar**hole or no? He's clearly local to that stretch because I saw him returning 5 mins later with a shopping bag, dog cowering in front.

p.s. I did tell him to stop, loudly. The reply was 'It's my dog', I pointed out that made it his responsibility, not his punching bag.

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Better to not post the picture please, but do report it to the authorities via RSPCA - www.rspca.org.uk/utilities/contactus/reportcruelty

Thanks Hugh, will do.

Report to police, RSPCA will do nothing

How awful, a poor dog which clearly needs help. It's really important to help animals that are being mistreated.

If you can, follow him to see where he lives, as his address will be needed.

Make a note of exactly what you saw and keep any photo.

Can you send to me via FB, Terri Alan pic is a black spaniel I would like to know if I know him, in box to me please

Yes please do follow him if you see him next time, as the RSCPA will only act if they know his address. Filming his behaviour will help both police and RSPCA be more motivated to act. Under the 5 Freedoms in the Animal Welfare Act, this dog should, in theory, be protected from this abuse and removed from this person. Although sometimes when there is a court case the dog can linger for months in a police cell. Hoping for a positive outcome for this little dog. Please let us know if you see him again and if he has a regular time for being out with the dog (if that's possible for you). 

I'd like to sit outside his house and wait til he comes out and give him a whack on the head and a good kicking, see how he likes it. Joking aside, I hope this cretin, or somebody who knows him is reading this and he hands himself in to the police station or he is turned in, otherwise it will only be a matter of time before he kills or seriously injured the poor dog. Also, bear in mind that if this is how he treats his dog he is probably also sadistically abusing a family member or spouse. The dog needs help and so does the "man".

I woke up this morning worried about this little dog being frightened and sore. I've notified All Dogs Matter today and they have advised the following. If you can, provide them with your witness account of what happened, the owner's address and photos and if possible a video of any assault on the dog. I think All Dogs Matter are likely to deal with things more quickly and better than other organisations. You can email them with any information info@alldogsmatter.co.uk
If you don't know the owner's address, hopefully nearby neighbours or dog walkers will be able to help with providing the address and if needed, they might also be able to take photos or video (if they private message you for photo so they know who to lookout for).

If someone sees a dog being harmed in these circumstances, try to film it for evidence and follow the person to see where they live, without the owner realising, in case they turn aggressive towards you, and then you can provide the details to All Dogs Matter.

Unofficially I wish someone could "find" the dog quickly so that it can be safe from harm.

Hi all,

I don't live on Fairfax, I'm 5 mins away and it was a one-off visit so unfortunately I'm not likely to see him again to follow (wish it had occurred to me at the time). The dog was a small Yorkshire terrier that looked a bit on the older side and my guess would be that this guy lives either towards the middle/top of Fairfax or on the adjacent section of Wightman Rd as he was clearly making a run to his local corner shop. If anyone lives on that road and would like to see a picture of the man I'd be happy to message it to you privately. Though obviously please don't take that as encouragement to do anything but find out his address to report him to the relevant authorities.

If it makes anyone feel better, the dog wasn't limping or showing obvious signs of being in bad physical condition due to mistreatment - I would've tried to take it if it had seemed in urgent need of attention from a vet.

I reported a similar case to the RSPCA last year and they were very good at following it up. They visited the owner and took it from there. You have to give them an address where the dog and owner are based and you need to document any abuse witnessed with a date (and time, if possible) and keep a record of that and any further incidents. 



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