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Can anyone recommend a brickwork renovation specialist? We need the front of our house repointed & the brickwork renovated.

Much appreciated!

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When I was first looking to move to Harringay I looked at the house on the corner of the passage on the north side of Duckett. The green lanes side of the passage. Big house, was an HMO at the time.

The neighbour of the ground floor flat came out to say hello and ask if we were thinking about buying the place. I think he was keen as we were occupiers rather than investors who would be renting it out. Anyway, he - and the owners of the two houses on the other side of the passage - had recently had their brickwork repointed. It looked great. Have a look on google streetview - it's obvious the houses I mean.

We bought on another ladder road in the end, but I have had in mind that if I ever wanted to have re-pointing done I would go and knock on those doors at Duckett to ask who they used. 

We used Evto brick renovations for our house on Lausanne road. The job they did was superb, they are real experts and usechemicals rather than sand blasting that damages the front face of the brick. Super friendly, diligent and are real artists when it's comes to restoring Victorian features around the doors and windows. The best money we ever spent!!

A couple of companies working on properties in Langham Road at present

It was Evto who did the houses on Duckett - I used to walk past every day and asked them - we subsequently used them for some pointing work on the back of our house and they did a good job.


They use lime not cement - and it still seems quite hard to find companies that do. 

Another company who use lime are Mahon - they did a house on Umfreville which looks great too


Thanks Tessa - good sleuthing. Saves me from an awkward doorstep conversation in future.

"Hi, you might not remember me but we spoke for 3 minutes in 2014..."

I recommend Mahon Brickwork, who took our house back to brick last summer. They did a fine job.

James- do you live in Alison Road?  We spoke with someone on that road last year who's house looks amazing and grabbed their name.  I have had a quote and was amazed at how detailed it was.  Very impressed



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