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Hi HoL! we are thinking of doing a loft conversion in the new year. We are in conversation with Another Level loft and we are keen to speak to anyone who has had experience using them & similarly using the architect company Fast Plans. 

it would be great to be able to speak to anybody who has used either of these company’s/see some of their work. it’s our first time doing major works like this so keen to hear from others experience and get any advice! 

thanks in advance! 


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Hi Arnie,

We had Pat at Another Level around for a quote but ended up using LLAC (London Lofts and Construction). Fast Plans came as part of the package. Happy to discuss our experience if you send me a PM.

This was 2020 so a little while ago now.


Thanks Neil - dropping you a PM now. 

Hi Arnie

Pat did our loft a few years ago. We love it! Very happy to show you.


Had ours done last year by Pat. Again, happy with the work, price and speed. 


I just sent you a connection request. We are about to agree to have our loft done and wanted to ask you about your experience if that's ok with you? We have had a very positive experience so far with communication and costings.


Sure. Message me. 

Hi Arnie,

We live on Allison Road and just had our loft done by Attica - the work is first class, attention to detail really great and they have someone who also does the plans who we also used.  You can see there work on Instagram @atticalondon (which includes photos of the work in our loft)

The guys were also really great - main person is called Matt.

If you were considering others happy to let you see ours.




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