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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

If you want to have a nose around, there are viewing days till Sunday. Or, if just a passing interest, see the attached.

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Likely to be aimed at the China market.  Has Manor House tube station really changed its name to Green Lanes?

I assume you're referring to the map. They've just left off the "Harringay" of 'Harringay, Green Lanes' Station. That line is now part of London Transport Overground. So, the TfL roundel is generally used to mark it.

Thanks, Hugh.  Now I see it's a separate station from Manor House - the overground not the underground.

It's strange thatr they've left off Manor House tube altogether.

Love the way the cramped courtyard in the middle becomes a “tranquil garden square” in marketing-speak....

I dont think I will ever stop being a design officer in planning so humour me on this one:

The residential apartment on the ground floor corner of the block (page 2-3) is woefully bad - knock, knock on the windows, anyone home?  No privacy strip.  Ok for retail but big no, no for resi - bad that got missed by the planners.  Also the courtyard is north facing.  All the apartments on the southern end of the block should be on the northern end to maximize the sunlight into the courtyard.  These flats particularly the ground floor ones will be woefully low of sunlight and it was an easy thing to fix by just flipping the configuration.   Its a shame because the material palette is not bad but personally I would not buy one of these based on the poor configuration

Many many of the flaws in the design were pointed out to the Planning Officers and Committee, but they chose to ignore them.

Also, funny how these mock up pictures, which show despite trying to hide it how hideously out of scale and proportion it is to the surrounding houses, somehow weren't shown to the Planning Committee.  Funny, funny - not for the small houses on Colina Road, Harringay Road and Park Road that are now being loomed over.  The pic on p23 shows not the tallest block on the site towering over Colina House - one of the tallest buildings in the immediate area.

Yes, the site needed developing; no this wasn't the best way of doing it.  Haringey Council knew it and gave it the go ahead anyway.

And the new planning regulations "shake up" to come will give this kind of thing implicit approval.

Their nice CGI of the courtyard shows loads of lovely sunlight coming directly from the north.  Maybe they know something we don't.

Or plans held the wrong way up when the original footprint was marked out?

I'm glad I am not the only one thinking that these flats will get very little sunlight... the only ones that do get sunlight are the ones directly facing Green Lanes, no?

The flats facing onto Colina Mews should get morning sun, and those on Colina Road will get afternoon sun. The top two floors of the central 7 storey block will also get lots of sun, all the other flats will be incredibly dark I imagine, I wonder how they’re going to sell that.

I don't get the craze for these types of balconies. You have no privacy and are very exposed to the weather (and all your mess can be seen by everyone). You just need to take one look at the Hampden Road development where residents are already beginning to cover the railings. Also, the flats are practically on the pavement. Has the spec gone down from the original plans?



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