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I am looking for a very kind, warm and fun evening babysitter for my rather shy 3 year old. 

Specifically for a friday night in early November to start with...

Any recommendations gratefully received.


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Hi, do you want to PM me? The sister of a friend often babysits for us and she's absolutely lovely with our three and one year old.

Hi - my son is 16 and has babysat for his own cousins and friends children - he's great with kids. If you would like to meet him let me know your number and I'll ask him to get in touch with you

thanks JD but I think I've found someone.

Hi we are looking for someone local for babysitting our lil 3 year old  the odd night too - so if you can recommend anyone we'd really appreciate it xx

Hi JD we are looking for some babysitting for our 11 and 9 year olds. if your son is still interested could you put us in touch? Thanks.



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