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I came home to find an Estate Agent's 'To Let' board tied to my gatepost with metal wires yesterday evening and lots of enquiries from my neighbours.  I hate the things and wouldn't even have one if I was intending to let or sell my property.  The estate agent is totally relaxed about it and says that it is an error and that it will be removed in a couple of days.  I think it probably was an error, but I am livid about how slow and unappologetic the agent is and had I gone away for the Easter holidays that sign would have sat outside my house for two weeks providing free advertising.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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I am actually a female and I do find it a complete intrusion to have a sign posted at my house.  Apart from being unsightly it is also a security issue.  Had I been away that sign would have been there for days/weeks.  Most people dont have metal cutters lying around, I found a friend who did and I did indeed remove the sign within an hour of coming home.

I was unhappy with the agent's response both times I called about it.  Apology has been received on this site and accepted and I am now waiting to see when their contractors pick up the rubbish.   I think the discussion has run its course.  I will put a post up once it has been removed to let you all know how long it takes, and I would be interested to hear if the same thing happens to other people.

Cheers Dane. Here's hoping they're round spit-spot tomorrow.

@JeremyS, maybe applaud the culprit when everything has actually been rectified. Words are empty without action to back them up..

Hi Anette

Hopefully everything has been resolved. We went to the property this morning removed the board and made our apologies direct to the owner. Not all estate agents are the same!

I think it is okay to take the board down and expect the rubbish to be removed.  I realise the agent is using contractors, but in my business, eventhough we employ contractors, we are still responsible for the final output and any mistake reflects worse on our business than the contractor who is largely unseen.  So I do find it hard to believe that the Agents don't have a clause in their contract saying that any mistakes have to be rectified within hours not days if they were truly sorry.  This is not specifically directed at this agent as I am sure others have stories of similar events happening with other agents.  Having dealt with this, cheque fraud, BT overcharging me and British Gas not bothering to turn up for our scheduled boiler service all within days while trying to maintain a full time job I feel general despair about customer service.

You do have a point Dane, even though it seems to get buried in this discussion under the more specific case of getting your signboard collected and your gate's scratch repainted. I'm sure the Martyn Gerrard rep here is very sincere... but: signboards aren't generally taken down on time by the people who put them up there, they aren't all collected, contractors don't always ask permission to stick them on people's properties (they never do on mine) and probably rarely offer to fix any damage (they never did to me), then when owners do ring the estate agents to enquire or complain about a signboard they're probably too often palmed off with either a lack of interest, a formal apology, a 'it's not our fault' explanation and offer to chase up some anonymous culprit etc. Probably. But that's just how we feel about it, if we're right then it'd be nice that things change.

As we said yesterday this was a genuine mistake. The contractor was instructed to remove the board the same day we were alerted to the fact it the error had been made. I will check later today to make sure it has gone. We are more than happy, if given the oppotunity, to repair any damage caused by the board. Dane if you want to contact me please feel free.

The board and post was indeed collected today by the agent and my friend visiting received an apology which she felt was genuine and accepted on my behalf.  So thank you to Mark from Martyn Gerrard and thank you all for your support.  I feel genuinely sorry for those of you dealing with this on a regular basis. 

Wishing you all a happy Easter



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