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I came home to find an Estate Agent's 'To Let' board tied to my gatepost with metal wires yesterday evening and lots of enquiries from my neighbours.  I hate the things and wouldn't even have one if I was intending to let or sell my property.  The estate agent is totally relaxed about it and says that it is an error and that it will be removed in a couple of days.  I think it probably was an error, but I am livid about how slow and unappologetic the agent is and had I gone away for the Easter holidays that sign would have sat outside my house for two weeks providing free advertising.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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I've pointed up this conversation to the agents and invited them to comment.

Hi dane66

We are really sorry to have caused any aggravation. Our boards are put up by a contractor and while we take care to ensure they are put up where we ask for them to go, mistakes can happen. The turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours so it should be down today/tomorrow. If it hasn’t come down give us a call here at Head Office on 020 83434340 x 209. As far as fixing the boards are concerned we have asked the contractor not to use nails as they do cause unnecessary damage, so the metal straps are the preferred method of fixing. I am sorry the office didn’t respond more positively when you phoned (we will have words with them about that)

Thanks for taking the time to respond so helpfully and quickly. Dane, I hope this will lead to a solution that you're comfortable with.

I noticed there was not a word about making good the gate post they scratched... lovely. Not.

They did say they're sorry and it's not their fault... It'd be nice to have someone rush out with a pot of paint and fix things, but services nowadays are not designed for staff to be able to care. Especially not sales services who are after any bit of free advertising, even if it means illegally planting a signpost on someone's property and leaving it there for any possible extra day.

We didnt realise any damage had been caused, it wasnt mentioned in the original post. If Dane wants to get in touch, well happily sort out any damage the board have caused.

Obviously we dont know a mistake has happended until we get a call or spot it ourselves. We will always try to rectify as soon as we can.

Unlike some agents we are careful of where we put up boards. The board was ordered to be removed straight away and if not already down, should be down by tomorrow.

Dane's comment about the damage is second to bottom on the last page. Thanks for another constructive reply.

For anyone who has had enough of estate agents boards, feel free to sign this petition

Here is another petition

Thank you all.  Thank you to Martyn Gerrard for responding, unfortunately after having called your office first thing yesterday morning I am still left with the sign and post.  So if we had not taken it down it would now have been there for 48 hours+!  The post has been scratched by the metal strappings, but I can only imagine it would take me longer to argue about it than it will to take myself to homebase and buy a can of external black metal gloss paint and fix it before rust sets in.  Thanks to Tunbridge - I have signed both petitions and shared on facebook as I really dont think these boards have a place in the mondern city landscape.   

I freely confess that I may be a woolly-liberal Guardian-reading believing-in-mediation-and-dialogue lefty. But I really don't understand why it's helpful or necessary to respond to Martyn Gerrard's apology and explanation with insult and anger.

I agree Alan. I think the agents have shown good faith by coming on to the site and responding in the way they did. I think it's worth giving then a chance to rectify the mistake.

If this happens repeatedly they will deservedly earn a bad name. If this is a genuine mistake then I'm sure that their response on here will be quietly digested and appreciated by the majority who read it.

Having said all that, I do appreciate Dane's frustration, but the episode seems to have upset him rather more than it would have done me. I'd have taken the sign down without hesitation. Then I think if it was collected within a few days and I had the sort of civil apology they've already given, I'd be satisfied.



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