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There's been posts on this before, but times change, and people move on so I'm looking for some recent opinions on the local estate agents.

Particularly interested in those who've had good or bad experience selling, but also interested in buyer's experiences and renters.

Has anyone used King's, Anthony Pepe, Winkworth, Paul Simon, Hanes, Ellis and Co, Bairstow Eves, Castles?

Also interested if people have used PurpleBricks or any other online estate agent to sell....

I've had poor experiences of Anthony Pepe (renting) and Paul Simon (when trying to buy) so I'm against using them.

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In Harringay don't pay more than 1%+VAT for a fee. Other than Winkworth I would be very surprised if any of them put up any resistance to 1%

I liked the staff in sales at Anthony Pepe, however when I gave them the opportunity to pitch to sell my flat they gave a market appraisal at well over 10% of what I considered the absolute maximum that was achievable. I was very clear with them that I didn't want a "hopeful" appraisal, but a realistic one. They stuck at their original amount. They didn't get the gig. No flat has ever sold at anywhere near the price they were saying on that road (still - even 2 years later) and so it appears they were doing the old trick of giving a really high appraisal figure to tempt the seller then force a reduction later. 

We bought with a house sold through Paul Simon in the end. They were acceptable. Pulled the usual estate agent bullshit - but I think they all do.

I personally am of the opinion that when selling a physical estate agent with a book of potential buyers and a buffer to negotiate through is probably worth 1%, so I'm not tempted by online estate agents yet. Maybe in future though.

I disagree that they all pull the typical estate agent stuff. This website has been going for ten years now and it's full of people ranting about Paul Simon.

I think it's worth pointing out that Paul Simon Residential sales is seperate from the lettings arm. The lettings arm has a terrible reputation. I think the sales arm is average to fine.

Even if they are separate they should realise a poor reputation in one part of their business will damage another part.

Yes clearly!

It's probably worth my pointing out that Paul Simon Sales in Harringay are completely separate from the other Paul Simon.

The Harringay residential sales business was bought from the previous owners many years ago and is owned by and run completely separately to the other Paul Simon.

Much to the chagrin of the Harringay business, some reviewers on Google and elsewhere are unaware of the difference. 

To be fair to those google reviewers there is no reason for the average person to suspect they are anything other than the same business. I would have chosen a different name...
I can see what you mean. I assume that there was some commercial logic underpinning the name retention. Perhaps on balance it works out well for them, or it may be the case that they’re now constrained by the deal and have no choice but to keep it.
Winkworth were great when we sold our house, very professional and responsive. Make sure you negotiate the fee, I wouldn't pay more than 1.5% in this market.


Have just used housenetwork to sell a property. Fantastic service £1000 flat fee. I have a referral code if you’re interested.
We've used Paul Simon to buy and sell a couple of houses and found them really good. I have never really understood where their bad reputation has come from - presumably it is from the lettings and development side but Richard and his team are great. Conversely I know several people who have had a terrible time with Winkworths but people seem to think they are better.



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