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There's been posts on this before, but times change, and people move on so I'm looking for some recent opinions on the local estate agents.

Particularly interested in those who've had good or bad experience selling, but also interested in buyer's experiences and renters.

Has anyone used King's, Anthony Pepe, Winkworth, Paul Simon, Hanes, Ellis and Co, Bairstow Eves, Castles?

Also interested if people have used PurpleBricks or any other online estate agent to sell....

I've had poor experiences of Anthony Pepe (renting) and Paul Simon (when trying to buy) so I'm against using them.

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Housenetwork dealt with all that. Regular updates all we had to do was conduct the viewings. It’s a massive saving.

It is a massive saving, but I don't see where their incentive is to do any work, since they take the fee regardless of whether the sale finally goes through. I'd have more confidence in their business model if they offered a 'no sale no fee' option, like most high street agents. 

I can see what you mean. All I can say is our experience has been totally positive.

That's good. Do you mind me asking which area/type of property you sold? (Drop me a connection request/message if you prefer). There's really not many properties on sale via housenetwork around here, which makes me wonder if they know the market well. 



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