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There's been posts on this before, but times change, and people move on so I'm looking for some recent opinions on the local estate agents.

Particularly interested in those who've had good or bad experience selling, but also interested in buyer's experiences and renters.

Has anyone used King's, Anthony Pepe, Winkworth, Paul Simon, Hanes, Ellis and Co, Bairstow Eves, Castles?

Also interested if people have used PurpleBricks or any other online estate agent to sell....

I've had poor experiences of Anthony Pepe (renting) and Paul Simon (when trying to buy) so I'm against using them.

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I'd go for Paul Simon. They treat buyers like crap so obviously that's what you want, right?

I noticed that a place near me on Purple Bricks is now with Winkworth. Steve at Castles is definitely worth talking to and Elan at Winkworth is pretty generous with school fairs and local events so also worth a plug on here.

I'd go for Paul Simon. They treat buyers like crap so obviously that's what you want, right?

Tempting! But I'd rather not encourage them.

Thanks for the other recommendations. 

3% is if you list with more than one. Pretty sure you can get 1.5% if you have a sole agency representing you.

They're certainly interesting. I don't mind having to show people round myself for reduced fees. In fact, many buyers prefer this as they can get more accurate information about the property that way. 

However, the online EA's websites (I've tried purplebricks, house simple) are frustrating to use. You have to book out day slots, and then a random time is allocated for the agent to turn up. It's not simple to negotiate a mutually agreeable time. They sign you up for conveyancing quotes without permission. All of these things contribute to a poor user experience. 

Have had good experience using Anthony Pepe - insist on Ben representing you.

You could also try Brickworks, they are independent and local. 

Ellie or Rex: 0203 096 0065

The ethical estate agent - giving 2.5% of their fees to a homeless charity. This is admirable. I am intrigued.

Have you used them?

No but my bro in law did. They seem like nice people and are local parents. 

Local parents are the worst! Filling up the local schools with their progeny, driving up house prices, moving here from Crouch End. Just the worst.

Kings are total crooks. I don't know how they are still in business. They hadn't even heard of ARLA and there was a sticker on the front door they walked through every day saying they were ARLA registered. They are uninterested, don't respond to emails or phone calls and when we moved into the flat it was FILTHY. Dead moths and flies everywhere as well as old mouldy soap in the shower. Not to mention they had taken on a landlord who very clearly lacked mental capacity and refused to replace the kitchen roof after it totally collapsed due to years of neglect.

Paul Simon left us homeless for a week and failed to inform us that the the electric had been turned off in our flat because the shop below us and gone on fire.

Couldn't really fault winkworth and though we've gone privately to avoid the astronomical and unjustifiable fees that every agency charges, they'd be the only agency round here I would trust.
Because there's so much crap housing out there to rent that you need to cast your net wide to get something you don't hate.

In Harringay don't pay more than 1%+VAT for a fee. Other than Winkworth I would be very surprised if any of them put up any resistance to 1%

I liked the staff in sales at Anthony Pepe, however when I gave them the opportunity to pitch to sell my flat they gave a market appraisal at well over 10% of what I considered the absolute maximum that was achievable. I was very clear with them that I didn't want a "hopeful" appraisal, but a realistic one. They stuck at their original amount. They didn't get the gig. No flat has ever sold at anywhere near the price they were saying on that road (still - even 2 years later) and so it appears they were doing the old trick of giving a really high appraisal figure to tempt the seller then force a reduction later. 

We bought with a house sold through Paul Simon in the end. They were acceptable. Pulled the usual estate agent bullshit - but I think they all do.

I personally am of the opinion that when selling a physical estate agent with a book of potential buyers and a buffer to negotiate through is probably worth 1%, so I'm not tempted by online estate agents yet. Maybe in future though.



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