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I wonder whether I'm alone in wondering whose job it is to enforce face mask wearing in shops.

For the second time in a week, on a visit to a shop on Grand Parade, I've noticed that about half the customers weren't wearing masks. One of these also had a rather nasty sounding cough.

The police say I should talk to the shop staff, while the shop manager tells me they are not in a position to enforce the law.

Where does that leave us? I would like to think that we're all doing our bit.

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It is notable that hardly any shop on Green Lanes displays a sign publicising that face coverings are mandatory in shops. (Yazar Hasim is a notable exception). Perhaps regular appearances of the SNT on the high street at peak shopping times would act as encouragement to promote legal behaviours. What is the traders association doing about this, one wonders? 

I feel the same way Peter and have been really annoyed at the general complacency around here, even during lockdown. Social distancing has been pretty much ignored along Green Lanes which is why I now avoid it as much as possible and don't go to any of the local shops as I can imagine that no-one is bothering with masks. But I have to say I don't find the local Sainsbury's much better either - people either not wearing one, or have it down below their nose, or hanging around the chin!! The staff are working side by side with no masks. People being slapped with fines might make a difference 

I was in Iceland the other day and one of the cashiers was telling a customer that her sister who she's very close with has covid. Cashier decided to come to work anyway cause she feels fine. Wasn't wearing a mask either. I mean I just cannot. 

Christ it's amazing how much ignorance there is!! You should have reported it to Iceland as that's putting everyone in danger. Maybe they need to educate their staff!

As I understand it, you have to self isolate if you or someone in your household/support bubble has symptoms, or if specifically contacted by track and trace. No evidence in the previous post that any of those conditions apply. 

She saw her whilst she had covid. She is close to her, yet said because she feels fine she went to work. Also wasn't wearing a mask to protect herself and/or customers. Can't spell it out for you more Spidey.

You don't have to self isolate just because you've seen someone with covid. See my previous post, and no need for the rudeness, thanks. 

The government website is very clear about this:

If you visit or have come in contact with someone with covid 19 you must self isolate for 14 days in case you develop symptoms. I have no idea if she has already had a text or not but I'd think common sense would have her either self isolate or wear a mask to protect others. People like you are still sticking up for her... Unbelievable really. 

She said to the customer that she knows she'd done something stupid by seeing her sister so she knows that she shouldn't be sitting there.

I have a neighbour who is in Spain and despite knowing she has to self isolate she'll still be back end of August and she's also be sending her three kids back to their Harringay school cause she doesn't understand why she has to stay at home for 14 days. 

Goes to show how many people give a f*** eh. 

Yes I'm sticking up for her because (a) I don't think you know the full facts and (b) she isn't here to defend herself. 

As far as I'm concerned the position is as per my previous two posts. People should be complying with the law, but not whatever you deem to be "common sense".

I forgot to include my source before: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/self-isolation-a...


Ah the rudeness again. 

As I understand it, the law is that you have to wear a mask inside shops no matter whether you or someone near to you is showing  symptoms or not.

" Customers must wear a face covering before entering any shop and keep it on until they leave.

Those who fail to do so could be fined up to £100, or £50 if they pay within 14 days. "



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