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a friend, currently unemployed, has dental problems ongoing but last night found himself in terrible pain and none of the usual paracetemol, ibuprofen was having any effect. I ended up driving him to the Whittington Hospital Emergency deptartment at 4 a.m. as he was in such terrible pain. There was one nurse on duty and a few people in the waiting room. We were told that no one could see him as it was a dental problem - and that there was a several hour wait anyway - if you did wait all the docs would offer was paracetemol or ibuprofen.

There was a sign with a number for a 24 hour emergency dentist - saying NHS or private. I rang them and found that to see an NHS dentist was for normal office hours ie 9-5. The private would see him sooner but at a cost of £85 +

He eventually got to see an NHS dentist at 2pm this afternoon who gave him antibiotics and strong painkillers after a night of awful pain.

Is this the best the NHS can do?

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Guys Hospital used to do an all-hours emergency service - anyone know if this still happens? Their website is vague re hours, but they do still do free treatment - by student dentists but well supervised they say.
Yes but Guys is hardly local... why haven't we got a LOCAL emergency service. And I suspect after phoning round hospitals last night that any dental service for NHS patients is 9-5 only even at Guys. I phoned the Eastman at UCL for example...
You are only alowed to be ill during opening times
yeh so it seems - unless you have money of course. I have also emailed David Lammy and asked him to check out this discussion so I hope a few more of us enter the debate....or perhaps emergency dental care doesn't happen to other people?????
Does nobody else have dental emergencies? Or do you all go private? Or only have them Mon- Fri 9-5? Someone must know of an emergency NHS dental service outside those hours?eg the middle of the night or on the weekend????
If they smoke or don't floss they may well find giving up or starting to floss simply stops the pain for much longer than an emergency dentist will be able to stop it for, smoking or not flossing eventually brings pain to the whole mouth but its amazing how quickly it stops when you attend to your teeth how you should.

Obviously they'll have to clear up any infestations first and check nothing is growing the wrong way etc (like my molars once did, sideways they said, into all the other teeth, thank god I wasn't born in medieval times ).



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