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Here's a thing; I was passing through the forecourt infront of Euston Station yesterday  morning and saw this bunch pimping electronic cigarettes. Tsk! How Blade Runner, electronic drug addiction.


Here's the website if you're tempted.

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Yeah, I've seen these a couple of times now.  A friend is using them to feed his habit without destroying his lungs - apparently it works out slightly cheaper too.  They apparently have a filter that simulates the smoky taste and a green or red LED in the end which lights up when you inhale! 



Yup, I'm trying these - tho' not the expensive ones they are touting in town (try Amazon!).  I read round a fair bit before trying them, and they seem to be good for people who have been smoking for a long time.   For me, they are the best thing yet to get me off cigarettes - 5 weeks and counting after over 30 years smoking!


Advantages - lungs feel much better, less chemicals, no smell, no ash, no butts, can use them in pubs and at work, much cheaper.


Disadvantages - fiddling around with batteries and such, not quite the 'real thing' (but close) and still have the nicotine addiction to deal with - but I can live with that and my coffee habit!


PS - Yes, they do have a red LED at the end, that flashes when the battery is low!


mmm...are they as cheap as roll ups. I`m interested

I'm using about 2 cartridges a day - 30 for £6 on Amazon. 


Initial outlay was about £25 - starter kit, spare battery, mains charger (starter kit has only a USB charger). A spare atomiser (heating element) is a good idea too.


The e-lites in Hugh's photo are much more expensive - the basic starter pack was £35 and the cartridges about £4 for 5.




Spoke to someone today who got one from the chemists.

Cost him £45 up front and every three cartidges ( a cartridge is about twenty cigarettes worth ) for £5.

Seems more expensive than yours but he was a Sixty a day man and he tells me it is just like smoking.

The hit at the back of the throat etc except you obviously don`t have the tar on your lungs.

The nicotene you get but it`s the tar that matters from a health point of view. Caffeine is as bad I know.

I want to do this but want to get the right one ( cheapest that works ) :0)

advice please Geoff.

I emailed your HOL mailbox..


Hope that was useful.


PS> Will be at MFOJ at the Salisbury tomorrow if you want to try one!

I find it very annoying, I am not a huge fan of them. I caught my 16 year old son trying to buy from a company called CloudCig, the order went through but I contacted them and asked them not to send. They need to do more to stop selling to kids.

I have no problem with them whatsoever touting for business at Euston or anywhere else, for that matter, as I'm a vaper myself. I quit smoking in January using a vaping pen (the ones that take liquid and look nothing like cigarettes. Yes, I know the jury's out on their possible deteriment to health, yes, I worry too about kids taking up the vaping habit, but overall I'm delighted I quit smoking this way and have not been tempted once to start smoking again. I feel so much better for it and I'm spending less than I did on tobacco. I don't even use the tobacco-flavoured liquids any more as I've gone off the taste.



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