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Just had Efrem Tewelde (BEng,MIET) to put in a new junction box and a new hall light in my flat here on Hewitt...

He is very experienced and reasonable. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Fully qualified and is NIC EIC approved running his own small company with 8 employees. 

Contact him on 075 3491 7900 or email: Tefrem75@yahoo.co.uk. Can't recommend him enough.

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Good to know -thank you

Thanks for the tip - I rang him today and he came out to fix an emergency issue with my electrics - he was professional and reasonable and I was really happy with the job - he's honest, knowledgable and polite. Thanks!

I can also strongly recommend Efrem.  He came out last week to replace some of the wiring for our oven - he was friendly and helpful, and did a great job. 

I’ve had a lot of electrical work done in my house by Efrem. I’ve had spotlights fitted, my old fuse box upgraded, fancy lighting, switches etc. I would not let any other electrician into my house except for Efrem.  

He is very honest, and comes highly recommended.

Contact him on 075 3491 7900 email: Tefrem75@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you Efrem!!

Adding my endorsement,lovely man as well as competent and reasonable. Also very interesting about Eritrea,his country of origin.

Thank you Barbara, I too used Efrem's services after I had a couple of business owners recommend him. Given the regulations, I had to fix my emergency lights in my restaurant so I can pass my health and safety checks. Once I called him, he appreciated the urgency and came over within a couple of hours. He gave me a reasonable quote, guided me on what parts I needed to buy and why and completed the job within 2 days. I highly recommend Efrem, I will continue to use his services as he is reliable.

So pleased you were happy with him..he owes me a drink! I've recommended him early in the summer and it's taken off! I am NOT a relative I promise you! I still need him for other work but I bet it'll be difficult to book him now! All the best Barbara

Efrem replaced and rewired all the lights in three rooms in the house. He did a great job and we’re really happy with the price and value for money. I would recommend him to anyone in the local area. 

I would strongly recommend Efrem. I called him out in an emergency and he arrived straight away. He was very professional, reliable and approachable. Cant complain about the price, would definitely use him again. 

Hello all,

I used Efrem for a job last night - replaced 5 spotlights in the bathroom ceiling including changing from low voltage GU 5.3 to GU 10 fittings and removing transformers etc.

Very efficient (only called him at 5pm same day and he was on the job by 7:15pm!), very polite and would recommend.



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