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Any recommendations please for wiring and fitting LED outdoor security lights. 

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Hi Rosemary, 

If you're in Haringey you could try Haringey Circle who are just launching a tradesperson and gardening service: 020 3196 1894.

From Public Voice

thanks PB

Sorry ... never heard of PV..

thanks anyway

Hello Rosemary. A lot depends on what area you want to cover but I bought a couple of security lights from Screwfix. They are solar powered ( charge up during the day from sunlight ) and just stick or screw to the wall so there is no need for wiring. They switch on whenever anybody approaches and off again when they have gone.

Cheers thanks

Hi Rosemary,

I use Sven (077 4890 7654). He is good and his prices are always reasonable.

thanks for this 



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