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It is coming to that time again where we are looking at replacing our car and because I would like to do my bit for the environment  (and of course there are discounts given by various government departments) I've been looking at plug-in hybrids (Or even a Tesla 3) as these cars run mostly on electricity when zipping around town and then use the gas guzzler when you hit the motorways. So this brings me onto the question: Is there a way to get the council to fit a charger on the road near my house (I live at the top of the ladders) As the council is trying to push people to lower emissions by lowering the parking charges they must expect people to want to move to this sort of technology?

Before I have the people asking why I need a car.. why not walk... get the train or bus.. etc.. I have elderly parents that live outside of London nowhere near a train/bus etc. so I need access to a car to get to see them regularly and a zip car type service is just to expensive if you stay there over night which I will do at least twice a month.

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I don't believe there is any method as yet. A search of their site has yielded nothing.

My understanding is that there is a government grant available to assist with 75% of the costs. Local authorities have to apply for it but Haringey don't appear interested in doing so from what I recall. They would still have to find the 25% so I guess with the current financial issues they have this is a non starter for them.

There would also be no assurance it would located next to your home and you would not have exclusive rights to use it. 

This is the big problem with battery vehicle adoption, it's only really practical for those with off street parking who can install their own charge points.

Personally I moved to a newish Mk7 VW Golf petrol with start-stop and active cylinder technology (half the engine shuts down when not needed). I'm getting much better economy compared to my old diesel.

Cynical hat on

They jack the parking permits for non electric, don't provide any charging infrastructure and then when challenged cry that you could have an electric vehicle.

More money grabbing.

Interesting article on the BBC talking about this exact point:


I borrowed a Tesla Model S for an online feature a couple of years ago and thought the same thing. The charging station would have to be installed outside your house, so you could be sure it was your electricity supply being used to charge the car and that you were being charged. Or if you invested in a full system of solar panels and battery, which generates ostensibly free electricity. But what would stop other users from nipping in and charging on your account? I thought the car was brilliant, and would buy one in a blink (if I could afford it) but councils would have to create charging bays outside of people's houses like they currently do disabled bays. Brilliant, if I have an electric car and now a guaranteed parking space outside my house. Not so good if you're my neighbour who now can't park next to your house. Electric cars are 100% the way forward, in my opinion, but we've got a lot to figure out in infrastructure.

Why do you think the charger bay would be linked to your own supply? Unless you can park in your front yard which as we know is a Bad Thing. Street chargers would involve some form of payment. There are pay-per-charge bays in other areas, and the only local one I know is in the car park at the Tottenham Library/sports centre.  Haringey must have some plans for the long term?  You could try asking Cllr Peter Mitchell, cabinet member for environment.  I don't know if he'll be here after May, was he reselected?

I could be forced to replace my 30-year-old car soon if the mayor's plans to extend the emissions zone thing in central London go out as far as the North Circular as proposed, as all cars over 10 years old would be condemned.  A shame as mine is lowest possible rating and gets the lowest read-out on emissions at MoT time.  StreetCar would be ok for occasional use but not for longer trips, so I would be researching all these possibilities.  Does Haringey insist that all new developments have charging posts?  I know they are mostly car-free but they do expect visitors, and this could be a useful asset for other locals who will live in the shadow of those new towers.

Well [a] so you can pay for your car's charge (I can't imagine many councils will be providing free electricity, especially as electric cars scale up and/or [b] the ideal set up is a solar roof supplying a big battery which then feeds out to the street charger so it's all 'free' elecricity (after you've paid for the set up, obviously).

Yes, it costs £10 to charge a Tesla Model S. Long term electricity is going to be nearly free but good point, it could not come from a domestic power supply if someone else could use it.

I guess the council will provide charging stations and charge £12...

It’s my understanding that They make chargers built into lamp posts. (Slow chargers) you plug the car in and swipe a special charge card and it turns the power on. If the plug is removed it texts you and turns the power off so electricity cannot be stolen.



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