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sat in a friends flat on wightman road, and felt a slow gentle rocking that lasted for around 5-10 seconds... anyone else notice anything? there's no tube running under here so couldn't have been that, it wasn't traffic going over the new humps as that produces its own distinct form of shaking....

was that a small earthquake?

or should i just have another drink?

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lol - very good Michael.. No, NE & S were later used up for Newcastle and Sheffield..

BTW, a nice map showing the District Offices here:
@James I 've now found the article of 50 years of Modern UK Postcodes in the October 2009 Issue here: http://www.royalmail.com/portal/stamps/content1;jsessionid=2KGNNXPA...

According to Richard West.. It was Sir Rowland Hill (of Bruce Castle fame) who devised the idea of dividing London into ten postal districts, with East Central EC and West Central WC surrounded by eight principal compass points, N, NE, E, SE, etc.

Hill's plan was implemented in 1857/1858, with the public being asked to add of their district at the end of their address. About ten years later, both the NE AND S Districts were dropped as unnecessary. *1.During the First World War, in 1917, the idea was extended, mainly to help the women who had been recruited as postal sorters and who understandably had not built up the knowledge of London's geography *2. Outside of EC and WC, all others being numbered in alphabetical order.

*1 I actually think it occurred later.. and NE and S might have continued to have been used until the numbered districts were introduced. (see Felix's signs - above)
*2 Why is it understandable that women wouldn't be aware of London's geography?
Small earthquakes in the UK are not uncommon. Heres a list of recent quakes reported by the British Geological Survey. Nothing there for our area on the 2nd though.
That would be the freight trains that run through Harringey Green Lanes station. The houses in our road shake constantly. There have been many complaints about it but nothing has been done and they have even increased the number that run through at high speed. It causes a slow ripple effect tremor that can last for ages. When we first moved into our place we had items leaping off shelves and one neighbour is constantly repairing a crack in the hallway wall.
Nobody has mentioned the Victoria Line either, which follows a course North under Finsbury Park turning eastwards just south of Hermitage Road..



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