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Dusty Knuckle mobile bakery coming to Harringay. Register your interest

The Dusty Knuckle is a great bakery that I got to know because they supply Neal's Yard Dairy, where I work. They're based in Dalston but also use a converted milk float as a mobile shop to visit local areas. In each area there is a local resident/organiser (in this case me) who finds 10+ friends and neighbours who'd like to buy some bread once a week, and to create a Whatsapp group or similar to keep everyone updated etc. Then the Dusty Knuckle milk float parks up in our street (Atterbury Road) at a set time each week selling bread and pastries (sample menu below). The slot on offer is every Sunday 1.30-2.45pm.

They need 10+ regular customers to make it worth their while. You don't have to sign up to anything, but they do ask that you only commit if you think you're like to shop fairly regularly.

If you're interested reply to this post and if we get 10 or more names I'll get it set up.



Who: The Dusty Knuckle mobile bakery
What: Bread and pastries
Where: Atterbury Road (next to Umfreville)
When: Every Sunday 1.30-2.45pm, starting Jan 17th.
Sample menu
Potato sourdough £4.00
House sourdough £4.00
100% rye sourdough £3.50
Baguette £2.50
Focaccia £4.00
Savoury pastries:
Sausage rolls £3.50
Veggie rolls (spinach, feta and chard) £2.90
Feta and honey swirls £3.50
Sweet pastries :
Morning buns £2.50
Sticky buns £2.50
Croissant £2.30
Pan au choc £2.50
Chic chip cookies £1.80
Orange and poppyseed swirls £2.80
Fruit and custard £3.50

Full disclosure: although not the reason I'm doing this, I would get a free loaf of bread in return for organising it. I'm doing it because I think their bread is great and I hope you will too.

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I’d love to set this up a bit closer to us... anyone keen to join one on Harringay Road if I organise it?

This would be even better for me, I’m on woodlands park road and we have a community WhatsApp group. I could add you to that if you wanted to post on there? DM me if you do.


I had no idea that there’s a community WhatsApp - we’re also in Woodlands Park Rd. How would I join?

Haha! As soon as I posted this, I put two and two together. A bit slow this morning.... It’s me next door, of course! Could you just add me? You’ve got my details already!!  Thanks,m Sarah.

Excellent. Let’s do this: I will contact dusty knuckle and try to arrange it

I live on Glenwood and I would love to have it on Harringay Road. Please let me know if you succeed.  I could ask into Glenwood whattsap group.

I bet we could rustle up 10 people + on Glenwood!! This sounds great! 

Excellent. Let’s do this: I will contact dusty knuckle and try to arrange it

As I live on Harringay Road it's hard to say no to this! I'm pretty sure Dusty Knuckle actually supply the bread on the weekend to Harringay Local Store on Green Lanes, the quality of which is always excellent. I'll always prefer buying from a local business like HLS, but if the mobile bakery were around any other time of the week then I'm sure I'd pay them a visit.

We also buy Dusty Knuckle throughout the week from HLS - supplied on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, if I have my days right.

Oh nice, good to know!

I’ve just seen from this weekend onwards Dusty Knuckle bread & baked goods will be available every day of the week from Harringay Local Store



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