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Dunn's come out top in The Independent's national hot cross bun taste test

Good old Dunn's. Going for 191 years and still trouncing the competition!



See the Independent's taste test here.



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Had a lovely melt in your mouth doughnut from there a few weeks back - 75p. Get five for the same price at Sainsbury's but apparently theirs come out of the freezer after storage :)


Fresh doughnut or freezer doughnut? ....fight!

You really haven't lived unless you've tried one of their rhubarb danishes. And their Scofa bread warmed with butter.
Danish plait does it for me (oddly superior when bought on a week day).

Ah, local knowledge Hugh.

To get back to the hot cross buns, Yes, I've had two today and they are absolutely fab! Hurrah for Dunn's.

My dad and I used to drop my brother off at his piano lesson every Saturday then park outside Dunns and eat cakes while reading (he The Times, me The Beano). It was magic.  
Er, possibly a stupid question, but where is it?

Not stoopid if you don't know the answer. Here's an annoated shot from Open Street Map. Dunns is even marked:



And here's their website.

Hmm, turning into Crouch End online again! Did I not already reply to this, Hugh?



Sorry, can't see any reply from you Paulie. So I guess not.



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