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I have used inverted commas as I'm not sure if this is necessarily a case of dumping. At the Green Lanes end of Falkland Road, there are two or three blocks of flats or tenemented buildings where the residents do not appear to have any facility for storing refuse prior to collection. As a result, black bin bags constantly pile up around a metal pole (curiously as though it was designed for this purpose, though it only holds a "disabled parking" sign.)

The result is inevitable; bin bags are frequently torn open and the contents strewn about by the urban wildlife. I often find myself having to tread carefully in the mornings. By Monday evening just past, the pavement was completely blocked with bags.

Is this a prolonged case of dumping that I should report, or is it simply the only way in which residents in the flats at the end of the street can dispose of their rubbish? It really is very unpleasant.

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It sounds like this response is regarding properties on Green Lanes, as they are definitely not collected twice per day on Falkland (or I assume any ladder road, it doesn't make sense).

As i said earlier, since it's collected twice per day if tenants put their rubbish on Green Lanes I think that's a solution till something can be enforced. There would need to be signs and enforcement action for ignoring them. 

Thanks for posting the contact details, I'll bug them again about it.

The answer Haringey gave was made specifically in response to issues you raised on this thread. I don't know where the tenants are told to leave their rubbish: perhaps they're told to leave it on Green Lanes, or perhaps the Council are supposed to make a twice daily collection outside the Falkland flats. 

The contact I provided is for HMO licensing only. I imagine that they don't get involved with day-to-day waste collection issues. The enforcement of day-to-day issues will be david.shipp@haringey.gov.uk.

Alternatively, do link in with the lcsp who have developed relationships and will be able to help out.

Do come back and let us know how you get on. 

We have the same issue on Chesterfield Gardens. The properties at the Green Lanes end of the street have no rubbish bins and just leave their binbags on the street.



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