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Has anyone got any recommendations for a dry cleaners that darns jeans? Preferably close to N4. I have a pair of jeans that have a rip in the knee and don't really want to throw them out!

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Zephyr on Green Lanes. Good value and excellent quality repairs.

There's a brilliant small leather and fabric repair shop opposite Wickes on Seven Sisters Rd. The guy who runs it has done all sorts of genius repairs for me and I go there regularly. Reasonable prices too.

Just a thought - if it is a small tear you could buy some iron on patches. You could do it for both knees so it looks even. You can buy patches on internet for a few pounds. A lot only need ironing on and maybe a couple of stitches to keep in place. Been doing this with my wool cardigans where the elbows have gone and I don't want to throw them out. There is a big haberdashery shop on Stoke Newington high st close to the Rochester Castle which also sell the patches.

Zephyr - the lady darns a patch tp the underneath and it's almost invisible. Well worth it! It's between Rutland and Stanhope gardens.

Thank you everyone, I think i'll try Zephyr on Green lanes as it's super close to me, and get a quote from them. If it costs a fortune then I may try the iron on patches, but I don't think it would cost too much as it's just one tear! 

It cost me £12 for both legs of my son's jeans. Not particularly cheap but for a good item of clothing worth it!

Hi Gillian thank you for that info. I have one hole on one leg so it might be a bit cheaper. But £12 is fine really...cheaper than buying a new pair of jeans at least!

brilliant- Im walking around with rip in my  jeans so will take my jeans there

ladies, ripped jeans look good! 

Primark have artificially ripped/worn out/dirty jeans for £3

But 12 quid to darn them!



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