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Not happy at all. I'm sure this isn't legal. I know big brother is everywhere and I actually have no problem with that. But in the privacy of my home and my garden, I'm really upset.

It was buzzing over me for about 10mins whilst i was sitting out having lunch, then i first got my camera out, it buzzed off further down the ladder. Before it came back and hovered until I got my camera out again, when it quickly seem to land somewhere nearby. Can anyone get hold of these things and go spying on neighbours. Not being funny but if I choose to sit in my garden semi naked, getting my vit d, then that is what I pay good money for the privacy of my home.

How do I know it wasn't some crims, casing the joints round here. I mean thankfully I have nothing worth stealing, and as both my partner and I both work from home, one of us is usually in.

But what about other vulnerable people. Really upset, feel violated. Should I report it to the police. How much can they see.

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I'd be inclined to develop some rubber band flicking skills, one good shot and the propellor would be nicely gummed up.

Yes, report it to the police, they can see everything and you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Even in a public park no-one has the right to fly a drone directly above you, it's contrary to operating instructions. Professionals won't do it unless everyone in the area has signed a waiver because it's also uninsurable (i.e. their PLI wouldn't cover any incident without the waiver). It's a legal grey area that won't get tightened up until something really crap happens.

Easy. Get a super soaker. Quick shot. Drone no more. 

personally i can't understand why private individuals are allowed to own drones  at all.

given all the privacy, noise and safety issues, i'd have thought they'd have simply slapped a ban on them right from the start

that's certainly what i'd like to see



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