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Can anyone recommend a good driving instructor in the area?



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Seen this table? If I were you, I would do my lessons up in Enfield or in Islington.

Why not do both your lessons and test on the Scilly Isles with their 85.71% pass rate?


Are bike pass rates up in the mid-60%s because they don't have to follow rules, can weave their way through traffic, skip round traffic islands/"pedestrian refuges", evel-knievel our traffic calming devices, and generally shatter the peace and quiet of all the nation's wightman roads?

I Did my test at Wood Green - yes you have the Cambridge Roundabout to master but its not too bad. Apparently one of the main reasons for the low pass rate is due to there being a lot of people taking tests there who are not ready. 


I went to BSM and had a guy called Ron who was excellent. Good Luck!! Its really worth the hard work ... plus if you can drive in London the rest of the country is simple! 

Thanks for that Lizzie, I'd consider Wood Green since i know the area so can't be too many surprises...


Probably worth trying the links in the list at the top of the Local Tradespeople Recommendations Group. There's also a listing on our Virtual Harringay High Street. (A listing is on VHH is not an endorsement).

Thank you both for the info!



Thanks for the offer Jono but I think that's a bit too far.
Try Delroy on 07956 812490 - he's based in Tottenham, and was great for me. (I hope his number hasn't changed since!)



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