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I've got a double bed frame and a double mattress to give away if anyone wants it. Probably about 5 years old but still in pretty good condition. 


I live near Harringay station.20191010_101451.jpg

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I'll take this - thank you. I just need to work out how to get it to my flat along the Ladder. Does it disassemble? If yes, into how many bits? I'll send you a connection request. Cheers


It should do yes. It would be five large parts (the header, footer, two sides and plank underneath plus the slats (12 of these). I'm on the Wightman Road just near Mattison Road. Are you still interested?



Yes, still interested. I can collect it this afternoon or this evening. If it's not too heavy we may be able to carry it still assembled. This would be the ideal plan

Are you Wightman Road end or Green Lanes end or middle?

Thank you

I've sent you a connection request. Can you accept?

Yes, I've messaged you.


Just to check - did Laura take the bed in the end? If for any reason it fell through we would be really interested as we are trying to kit out our new home!

Many thanks, 




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