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Looking for the occasional dog walker and sitter / board for my senior dog. We live on the Harringay Ladder.

He is a charming, gentle 14 year old mixed-breed, who loves his walks around Finsbury Park and is fully house trained.  From spring I will be travelling occasionally and may need someone to commit to take him for 1.30 walk in the morning and may need boarding in the future.

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Aww he looks lovely. I could walk him on weekends for you, for free. I’m mostly back at the office now so I can’t commit to every weekday unfortunately. I had a similar arrangement with another couple on the ladder but they have moved away and I’m feeling bereft of my weekly doggy companion. If this is of interest please message me. 

Hi Lauren

thanks so much for replying.

I don’t really need someone for the weekend, but I’m  more than happy for you to take Hector out at the weekends. When you next need a bit of a doggy companion with a mature boy, contact me by email ada_soraghan@ yahoo.com or mob 07973478789 And we can arrange a met and see how you get on with him.

I live on Warham road N4 1AT.



Hi Ada your dog is gorgeous! I work from home once a week/every two weeks so if I can help with the odd walk let me know! Nikki 

Hi Nikki

Thank you for replying,

l live on Warham Road N4 1AT so hopefully not to far for you.
when next I need someone if you don’t mind I will send you a message and see if your available.

kind regard


Yes of course!

Hi Ada, does Hector get on with cats? In particular a couple of naughty ginger ones....LOL. I live right behind you. I could do the odd walk/dog sitting whilst I am still working from home... :-)


Hi Ada, 
my neighbour runs this https://www.londonfetch.co.uk/ if it helps

Hi thank you will look into them.

Lovely picture!  I'm a bit far away, but as another option have you tried 'Borrowmydoggy' website?  I don't have a dog, and I borrow a couple of dogs through borrowmydoggy, one weekly, another as and when.  It works very well for me as a borrower, and I like the fact that there is insurance and access to a vetline if needed.  And membership isn't expensive

Hi, yet again thank you for the suggestion, will look into it.



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