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This man regularly walks his dog in Grosvenor Rd., Rhodes Avenue and Albert Road Rec — and doesn't pick up poop when his dog fouls.

I have now challenged him three times — the first time he claimed not to have a bag (so I gave him one)

The second time he claimed he hadn't noticed — despite have stood and watched the dog foul

The third time he claimed 'Everyone does it' No, they don't! Ad a dog owner who don't expect their neighbours to tip-top through the faeces I am fed up with the small handful of irresponsible dog owners polluting the neighbourhood and giving the rest of us a bad name.

Can anyone identify him? Has anyone else seen him do this? I have reported him to the council.

(Picture deleted by site admin - sorry against our site rules)

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Sorry, should have said, these roads are in Muswell Hill/Wood Green — N10 and N22

Discreetly follow him home, and 'squidge' it through his letterbox (its tough if it goes all over his door as well!).  Always works, they'll never leave home without a poo bag again.


Not sure about the ethics of posting photos of people on the internet. Besides, it looks like he's staring at a bag of dog crap!

Fair point Sharon, and it was not a decision I took lightly. But tell me, how do you feel about the ethics of owners leaving dog shit on our footpaths and roads?

And yes, he is using a bag to pick it up — one I gave him and insisted he used!

For the record, he's now done it 4th time, but I wasn't in a position to challenge him on the latest occasion.

I hate seeing dog crap everywhere too, what annoys me too are the idiots who scoop it up and chuck it into a bush or tree! Trent park for eg is littered with plastic bag coated dog crap along all of its hedges I'm afraid that the council just don't tackle it effectively enough. What did you hope to achieve by posting a picture of this man though?

Yes, gift-wrapping it is brainless, and almost as anti-social.

As I said in my post, I would like to identify this man and hear from anyone else who has seen him failing to pick up after his dog.  I have reported this to the council. 

We have had real problems with this issue in Harringay ward. Ex-councillor David Schmitz arranged to go out with the council's enforcement team and the safer neighbourhood police team to tackle known offenders, going out early one morning. It was very successful. If you know the regular route of the offender this may be the way to go.

Thanks Karen, yes, I know key points on the route and have reported the problem to the council. Good to hear of your success in Haringey ward, I'll mention this when the council's enforcement team get in touch. 

Apologies, I did not know it was against site rules to post pictures.

The man in question is in his 50s or 60s, around 5'7" slim, grey hair, thinning at the front and on top. He usually wears jeans, a dark zip-up jacket and white trainers. 

His dog is black and white and looks a like a Jack Russell or a Jack cross breed. It's a bit overweight



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