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Does anyone have an antigen (lateral flow) fit-to-fly test I can buy off them?

Hi there. Desperately trying to make it how for the holidays but can't get an antigen test in time. Does anyone have one going spare that I can buy off you and replace (they come in 24 hours but I'm hoping to depart tomorrow). Thanks!

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They were handing them out by Turnpike Lane this morning

I think is it just the lateral flows - not the private ones needed for travel internationally. Thanks though!

Medipark clinic on Green Lanes do these. They are open on Sundays.

I have two that we bought from randox and the rules changed once we were away so had to upgrade to a PCR so they are sitting here going to waste. I have the relevant booking references as well, you do need an app to register your results... they were ordered as Day 2 test though so not sure if you can use them as fit to fly, presume you can its the same test....

realise this reply might be a bit late :(



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