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This little cat has been living in our garden for the past few months. She was skittish at first but as soon as she managed to sneak in and eat my cats food she just sits outside our door crying to come in. She is incredibly affectionate and will get straight on your lap purring and drooling. It's hard to believe she is just a stray.
I will be taking to vet to check for microchip but does anybody recognise her?
N4 near arena retail park on green lanes

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Schroedinger recently reported a missing cat. He says it may have escaped from the box he locked it in.

But it may be the cat that's turned up in Crouch End rather than in Harringay.  

Put a cheap collar round his neck with a bit of paper wrapped round with your number, asking the owner to call you. I’ve done this a few times, only to find the owner is nearby. It could just be that he prefers your food, which is never a good situation



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