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Hi there,

I'm new to the country and looking for a GP in and around Harringay area. Does anyone have a doctor that they would recommend? I'd really like to find a good one right away instead of having to bounce around. Any help is much appreciated! 

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How can Laurence House be taking on more patients when they can't cope as it is?

Good doctors and staff but impossible to get an appointment unless you are available between11.00 and 13.00.

Early morning and evening appointments are supposed to exist but are booked over 3 weeks ahead.

Sadly I think most GP surgeries are in the same position due to cuts and underfunding.

I agree Rob that most surgeries are stretched to their limits but they might as well try one that people agree is a pleasant experience. I usually book my appointments on line or if it's not a major, major issue I have a phone consultation. Sometimes a nurse can help too and there are two nurses at the surgery that can help with prescriptions and will listen.

not bridge house, umfrivelle road

I have been at cedar practice for 20y, I think they are great, they are the other practice at john scott centre


I think if you are happy with your Doctor and the surgery you are with you are going to say they are great. I have been with Lawrence House for over 30 years so that's why I suggested them. We've given your opinions so it really is up to the question asker to decide if they like our suggestions.

Thanks Heather, I totally agree. The suggestions here have been very helpful, and coming from Canada where it's a very similar system I'm quite used to waiting for an appointment so it's not a big deal. It matters much more to me that I find a doctor who is genuinely going to help me and not just fob me off when it's convenient. 

Thank you everyone who has offered a useful suggestion! 

Kirsten, being a fellow Canadian I guess that's what is important, not necessarily the wait time but the doctor as an individual is extremely important. Good luck with finding a doctor. If I can help with anything else please don't hesitate to contact a fellow Canadian!!

Avoid Bridge House and avoid Hornsey Park surgery I have recently left Hornsey Park Surgery of which they got rid of the only fantastic doctor just recently I registered with West Green surgery so I can't comment on that surgery.



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