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There is a black cat (no collar) fighting with other cats a lot in Duckett Road and Cavendish Road back gardens. Cat probably needs neutering to make it less aggressive. It's been around since approximately March 2012. It's a lovely cat, but I expect it's had injuries in the last two months as it attacks and injures a lot of cats. When fighting it has a loud high pitched cry. Does anyone know who the cat belongs to or whether it is a stray?

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havent seen it but prob the same cat my neighbours have heard and seen, wondering if its my black cat who lives on Mattison Road - unlikely as mine is scared of mice and has a collar

Thanks so much for replying! This black cat has no collar. If you or your neighbours find out anything about this black cat, please let me know.

Just to update that this black cat is still around looking for food, but it fights with my male cats so I can't feed it nor have I been able to get near it. Poor thing is very hungry, going through my garden looking for any bits of food on the ground and there isn't any, apart from bird food.

How about contacting one of the rescue places or RSPCA to see if they can trap him - sorry dont know what else to suggest, but they should be able to do this, and at least catch him, neuter him, before releasing him again or rehoming

I agree that's a good idea. I have a cat trap which I have used in the past to catch a feral cat in my front garden. He had FIV but managed to get him a lovely home through Foal Farm with another female FIV cat from Battersea who he loved! The problem is that the black cat appears in my back garden. I have 6 rescue cats and there are neighbours' cats around plus foxes plus fox cubs - this makes it more difficult to trap the black cat which I only see occasionally, without trapping everyone else in the process. I guess I was hoping someone with less animals around would have a better chance. The black cat tends to roam in the back gardens of Duckett Road and Cavendish Road. He was getting in through the cat flap of a house in Cavendish Road and ripping open bread and eating that or whatever he could find. However, I think that person has changed her catflap to a microchip catflap so he can't get in now. I was hoping she could have caught him in the house before she changed the catflap!

Hi Suzy. Glad you've joined the site. I joined the site for the same reason, to see if I could find out if anyone knew hungry black cat!

As for microchipping generally, it would be safe for Brian. It's an injection and the chip is tiny. It's peace of mind if he got lost, to increase your chances of finding him. There was a woman on the site recently who lost her cat and was reunited with it when it was found in Muswell Hill and she was contacted because it was microchipped with her details. June is National Microchipping month so you can get it done more cheaply than usual. My 6 cats have had microchips for over 10 years, luckily none of my cats have got lost yet, but it can happen! But you can only do what you're comfortable with and you know what's best for you and Brian.

As you know, the only way to stop other cats coming in through your catflap is by changing it to a microchip catflap if your cat is microchipped or a catflap operated by a magnet on your cat's collar. If a cat has to wear a collar, it's best to use a safety collar, which snaps apart if your cat ever got caught on anything.

I'm glad the black cat isn't fighting with Brian and that he's getting some food, although I appreciate you're fed up with it! If the black cat doesn't have an owner, maybe you could give him a home...he is a handsome cat.

I had assumed you had one of those lockable catflaps so that you could turn a knob to in only so if black cat came in, he couldn't get out and you could catch him. So if it's a catflap which can't be adjusted, I can see it's tricky for you to catch him!

If needed, I have a cat trap you could borrow. It's a cage which you could put inside your house with food inside it and try to catch him that way - if a cat goes inside the cage, it shuts and the cat is then trapped inside the cage.

Or get a photo of him and you could put a photo on this site and we could put up some flyers. If he does have a home, it's likely to be Cavendish Road. If not, Duckett Road or Wightman Road between Duckett and Cavendish.

I suspect he's a stray or lost. If we could get him to vets, we could get him scanned to see if he's microchipped and/or get him neutered if he's not neutered.

I often see Brian in my garden, he is a lovely cat. Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend despite the weather!



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