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Just back from a dog walk in Finsbury Park - there's a young swan on the 'wrong' side of the canal fence (i.e. in the park), on the opposite side to the baseball pitch. It's looking quite distressed, walking up and down the length of the fence and trying to squeeze between the bars (not working at all).

I rang the RSPCA but they won't come if the animal isn't visibly injured. I tried Harringay council but they are just crap - they don't even have a number for the parks department. I tried a swan rescue charity for advice - they said it's the time of year for the cygnets to be driven off by their parents and they end up in some funny places. They need a 6ft run up to fly which maybe explains why the cygnet isn't just flying over the fence (?). They are an easy target for dogs and foxes, especially when tired and hungry. So I don't know how good this cygnet's prospects are if all it's doing is a panicked waddle up and down a long stretch of muddy fence.

I'm probably being stupid and it'll just sort itself out, but I thought I'd put this on here in case anyone local has the faintest idea what they're doing and is able to pop down to pick it up and put it over the fence to safety.

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*Update* Apparently the council has put a call in to a swan sanctuary and someone is on the way to sort it out. My estimation of them just went up.

V&M: Thanks for posting.

The Chair of the Friends of Finsbury Park has left a message about this with the Park manager, too.

Clive Carter

Good to hear that the swan is being helped.

For wildlife problems generally, there is also Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service www.wras-enfieldwildlife.org.uk

Hi Justine, 

Thanks for that, really useful to know about that service. I will bookmark it (though hopefully won't need to use it!)



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