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Royal Mail claim that they repaint post boxes every five years. Walking past one on Green Lanes today, I noticed that it was in a really bad state. Quit apart from it resembling a mini leaning tower of Harringay, the paint is flaking so much that the post box is beginning to rust.

Harringay (all parts including N4, N8 and N15) now has 14 post boxes. I think it would be a real shame to lose any of these.

Post Box Outside Jam in a Jar

Post Box Outside Jam in a Jar

On my way home, I walked a different way and spotted another problem post box.

The box at the bottom of Raleigh is graffitied and again rusting, this time towards the bottom.

Post Box at the junction of Raleigh and Willoughby Roads

I'll try and get in touch with Royal Mail and see if these can't be attended to before they rot away or fall over. 

List of Harringay Post boxes attached.

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thank you for bringing this up. some of londons street furniture are historic treasures we should come together to protect them from 'vandalism through management'. the cast iron post box has a very romantic origin and history.  these Edward VII models are quite rare. posh people put them in their gardens (grrr). rant over.

No profit in maintaining them...

Heritage and pride!

I'd meant to add a list of all Harringay's posy boxes - now attached to original post.


totally agree with others' comments - they're a historical legacy which should be preserved.

Plus it's terrible the way the post office is being run, or run-down.  So many branches cut, leaving huge queues at those that remain - it should be a public service that's maintained - it's especially important for the elderly, those who aren't internet savvy or don't have internet access, or simply for those who want an EASY way to post and send letters

The contact options of the Royal Mail website don't allow for my sort of enquiry. So I went vis Twiiter last night, I had a response this morning.

The response says it all.  "What happened?"  Nothing happened, that's the problem

Luke has now come back to me and sent me a link to the contact form that I couldn’t find on the website. So, I’ll  get in touch and see what happens. For anyone else who wants it 


postbox.appearance@royalmail.com and postbox.appearance@royalmailpfs.com are email addresses I’ve used in the past which worked. 

Thanks. By the look of those email addresses, your interaction was in relation to the state of postboxes. Can I ask what the issue and outcome was?



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