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On the farm as you may know the heating systems are being replaced. Temporary systems are/have been put in powered by DIESEL. Cant open my windows because of it. DIRTY DIESEL. Why not electric? Maybe the national grid said they couldn't or something. Doubt it. Ok then why not a cleaner greener fuel? I'll tell you flipping why. £££££££££££££££. Its wrong. I am so angry.  ENGIE those big greedy bastards. The cheapest option never mind our health.  It was so hard not to swear sending this.  The noise too arrggghh.  You could hear a pin drop on the farm in the nights.   David lammy. Whats the point in trying to contact that w#n**r.   I should get a couple of deisel vans and park them outside his bedroom window.   I cant open my window at nights, now I cant sleep as I NEED my windows a jar when I am in bed. Wouldn't happen in a royal borough!!.   

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Oh I forgot to add. Two of the massive generators for my block are right opposite the nursery.   Why hasn't anybody picked up on this???   THIS IS BLOODY WELL WRONG!!!

You and everyone nearby have my sympathy. This would drive me mad

Aint labour and conservative the same? Whats that other lot called again? The yellow ones?  All the same to me now.   The gr££n party will always run things. Rich white people. They don't even care about poor white people let alone the rest of us.  Apparently!

Hi There
This doesn't sound great at all. very happy to take this off line and to have a further chat about how we can help
please do get in touch with me at tammy.palmer@haringeylibdems.org
very best wishes
Cllr Tammy Palmer (Liberal Domocrat Cllr for Crouch End & Parliamentary Candidate for Tottenham)

Hi tammy.  Please could you look into it for us.   I know nothing about how to deal with these kind of situations the right way.in my younger stupid days id of cut all the hoses and let all the DIESEL drain out not thinking of the consequences.  Big corporations stepping on the little man to get what they wan£ makes my blood BOIL.  Handle them for us correctly please.   

Other generators for other blocks are about to be turned on.   The main power station is to be shut down on the 31st of October. . These temporary ones will be here for about a year till the new permanent one is built.    The DIESEL tanks cost £15.000 each to fill.  It dont last long. I've seen the big mobil' DIESEL tanker come fill it up a few times.  That's a lot of DIESEL being burnt.    Bastards.       Please excuse my poor grammar.    I can express myself properly but not with a pen.   When I saw the geezer in charge I gave it to him with both barrels. Oops.  Thanks Tammy.  I didn't expect anyone to listen let alone care.

Hi again Tammy.  I tried to email you but I forgot how to do it.   I'll ask some to remind me how tomorrow.  

hey hopefully we are on track now as we have exchanged emails :)



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