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MP Tammy.  Help us please before the "man dem" fully realize whats going on on the B W Farm estate. They are abusing us.  I feel for those on here with health/breathing conditions.  I also don't think they realize who they are playing with.   You know what happens when B W farmers get VEX (due to being disrespected)  Maybe they are doing it because of it. Youngsters end up in jail, lose their flats then they move them out. (Social cleansing) The 31st of October when they fully switch to the dirty DIESEL temporary systems. I hope it don't get "messy"  24 hours a day. Its flipping relentless.   My windows are still closed.    Email me please.  Nishaian@gmail.com.  they just see us as rats on here. WE ARE HUMANS TOO.        What do we want?     Shut the DIRTY DIESEL down.  

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This is crazy. Surely there is a place they can source electricity from with a few trenches dug? They can even dig up the park if they're worried about blocking utility vehicles. I don't get it.

Or is there a generator per building and you're all being cut off one-by-one from the main supply?

They're taking all the gas from all the blocks.   Deemed to dangerous to supply gas to here.  Temporary DIESEL systems for all whilst the old systems are being replaced at a cost of about £6mil.    Roughly six months broad water farm rent!

If only the 'new' Council had invented meaningless roles to facilitate paying their Momentum chums more of our money.

I'm being silly... of course they have.

Waiting for you to get back to me.  Keats.

Hi There

I think we have now exchanged emails so hopefully we can look into this for you. I agree it isn't acceptable and we need to take urgent action.



From this article, 'Ishmael Osamor is the son of Kate Osamor, MP for Edmonton and Corbyn’s shadow international development secretary. He too is firmly opposed to the HDV.' Maybe Osamor is you man to help you out Keats?

Councillor Ishmael's contact details;

Email:  ishmael.osamor@haringey.gov.uk

Mobile:  07976 977 928



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