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Did you grow up in crouch end? If so could you comment on how it has changed. 
My son has to write on this by asking family but none of his
family grew up round here.

Just a sentence or two would be great.

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Is there anything in particular that you're interested in? My gran has just moved away at the age of 90 after about 60 years in Crouch End and my dad grew up there and abouts, but moved away in the 1970s. Both have hugely fond memories and are familiar with Crouch End as it is now to compare.

Thanks for replying!

best question would just be 'has anything changed about crouch end in the last 60 years?' just leaving it open and then it's a bit more interesting for the person answering too!

I suppose, kinds of shops/bars/pubs/eateries, types of people/families, transport, woodlands (has parkland walk always been like it is?), train services, social/leisure amenities/clubs, 'atmosphere', carnivals, schools, prices....?


it'd be fascinating to hear!

I recall Hornsey Library being opened and visiting it as a toddler for the first time. It seemed very big, airy and modern. There are shops in Crouch End Broadway today that were there years ago in the 60s: Dunn's and the Fishmonger being the most notable. There was also a double-fronted Sainsbury's grocer (about where Boots is now) where I remember customers were served from behind a counter. In the 60s, you could drive around the green to the Town Hall, alongside what is now Barclays and the Italian deli/cafe. I was delighted when they pedestrianised it as it meant a great roller skating spot (long before skateboards!)

this is great. i'll see if my son has any more questions (though of course, no obligation to answer..!) this has all got me onto the case of finding pics of crouch end in the 60s now!

I wonder how that area between the clock tower and park road pool has changed, banners, and rub a dub dub, all seems very 'new' around there...and the parks i guess haven't changed much. was there always a cafe and paddling pool in priory?

Sorry I can't help with photos - I'm sure you'll find some online. There was also a video somewhere of someone going shopping in Crouch End from the 60s or even 50s. Can't recall where I saw it.

Highgate Wood School used to have a lower school which was opposite the Maynard pub (Park Rd) in the building on the corner and on the land now occupied by flats just behind it. I remember doing Home Economics there and looking out over Park Rd. It suffered fire damage in about the early 80s (just before the start of the new school year...)

Beyond that, heading towards Muswell Hill, on the lefthand side of Park Rd was a row of tall terrace houses with big stairs up to the front door. They gradually fell into disrepair in the 70s and were replaced with the rather boxy flats (sheltered housing for the elderly??) you can now find there.

The ironmonger opposite Pizza Bella has been there for years - at least since the 70s. The fish restaurant on the corner of Park Rd and Middle Lane used to be a car repair shop or tyre shop in the 60s.

I recall Budgens opening in the late 70s and my mother disapproving because it would take trade away from the small independent shops - same old story!

There has been a paddling pool in Priory Pk for many years (recall it in the 60s although never used it)

Enjoying this nostalgia!


I think you might mean this video, T.
thanks so much!
It's worth visiting the Hornsey Historical Society for this. My son had a similar assignment last year (Crouch End in the 60s) and we rang Pat (? I think that was the lovely lady's name) to book a time to talk. The tiny little building (an old school) was full of fascinating pamphlets and books on the history of Hornsey. Pat was wonderful and gave us so much to consider. I keep meaning to go back there myself and read up on everything.



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