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Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Haringey?

I've been going to Smile Dental for a few years, but after they drilled into the outside of my cheek last week, confirmed they'd cover the cost and now have backtracked and only want to give me £150 off a £500 service... and I had to go and get my own week course of antibiotics and also cover that cost myself...  I'll be looking to join elsewhere.

All recommendations welcome.

(And advice if anyone has had to deal with this sort of issue before).

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Oooh! Big sympathy.

I've been using Dr Panesar at Weston Park Dentists in Crouch End for many years. I trust him and his assistant completely. They also have an excellent hygienist, Rodney (forget his surname). 

Thanks Hugh!

is that the Smile Dental on Green Lanes?

Yep. Normally happy there, had good service, good cleans etc, receptionist is nice too... but then this happened, and they haven't been great about it, so just wanted to change.

I've been seeing Mr Wardle of Elm House Dental Surgery, E17, for over 20 years.  I see him regularly and have never had any problems.  

We use one on west green road, very good and good prices


So does my son because that's nearer to home but I liked the one I'd used for over 10 years so didn't see the need to change.

Thanks Tigha!

Ouch! The outside of your cheek?! I mean accidents happen, but I would expect them to take responsibility for anything in relation to getting that sorted out afterwards. Have you asked what their complaints procedure is? Perhaps consider following through with that. And if you have receipts from any costs incurred so far, hold on to those. I am a registered dental nurse by the way.

Amazing, thanks Redruby... Yeah it's an odd situation. I think had they drilled into my cheek, covered the cost, and the antibiotics etc with no issues, I'd maybe have stayed with them, but after this rigmarole, I'm moving dentists now. And as a dental nurse, can you answer me this... is it 'standard practise' to have someone sign a waiver after having a crown done, saying that if anything goes wrong, that I'll be charged for any work they have to do? Just that they had me sign something, and I think I should've just refused that (although most likely not worth the paper it's written on anyway). And also, that they didn't give me any sort of receipt for the crown work either... which is odd. 

Hi, that is a bit strange, i know where I used to work there was a years guarantee at least, put on crowns. Also when you say no receipt given, did they do you a treatment plan, prior to carrying out any work? As that is normal practice too, and then just like a shop would do, when you pay, you would be offered a receipt. So is that how the drilling your cheek incident happened, whilst having the crown work done?

Yes, it was when she was drilling down the tooth to be able to fit the temporary crown. She did stop and ask if I wanted to continue (once she had stopped the bleeding) and I had already had anesthetic etc so just continued, but after that drilling said I don't think I should have to pay for anything. And thanks, I thought that would be the case. The annoying thing is, that I'm going to move dentist anyway now, so even if something went wrong, I think I'll even just go to another dentist and see if they can repair if anything's wrong. I think they haven't given me a receipt for the crown work as I didn't end up having to pay for it... with cash anyway... I mean I paid for it by getting drilled into my cheek when you think about it.



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