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Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive dentist who does cosmetic as well as general dentistry and who is really good with nervous patients? Thanks

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the one on Mattison rd (Green Lanes end) is ok

In terms of inexpensive this would only count if they offer NHS treatment, as you have 3 bands that your treatment can fall in to, and therefore you know exactly what the cost will be. If any of the work has to be done privately, which is often the case these days, then it will really just depend on the individual practice, as there are no controls over what they can charge. I would say go by area too, as that can make a difference. What sort of problems are you having, or what kind of work are you looking to get done?

I recommend Dr Anuja Makwana at Smiledent at the bottom of Green Lanes. Really knowledgable, efficient and good with nervous patients. I believe she is only there in Tuesdays though.

Patrick McAnerney - 166 Colney Hatch Lane Tel 0208 883 8959

I used to see him as a child in South Africa and now travel up to London to see him. The only dentist I will see. As for cheap, I would say average cost for good work.

Thanks to all for your suggestions. Very helpful.



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