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Just had an amazing meal at Puraan - I can't recommend it enough. The breadfruit curry and dosas are out of this world. It's just opened on Turnpike lane near the crossroads/tube. 

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Is it where the Jai Krishna used to be?

Yes, limited menu for now but I assume that will change. Good food including Dosa…

Totally agree. We went last Friday night. They do not have an alcohol licence but were happy for us to pop next door and buy a couple of beers to drink with our meal. The staff/owners are super friendly. The portions are not huge but then neither are the prices.

Really very tasty food.


Breadfruit curry was lovely, if you've always thought okra can be soggy try the okra fries, absolutely lovely. Prices are really reasonable too...

Another vote for this new place - well worth supporting. Plantain and aubergine curry was very good, and the kids loved the mocktails.

We were there last night, all 5 of us enjoyed our meals- all different and great service.  Another thumbs up

Another thumbs up to Puraan. Four of us tonight. Stuffed ourselves for £76. Bonus is you can get your booze next door at shop prices. They are keen to boost their footfall so get down there? We think it's better than Jai Krishna btw...

Tried Puraan off the back of the recommendations here, as a take out collection, and it was all fantastic. 

The puri and okra starters and the breadfruit and ash plantain curries were all delicious but the stand out for me was the Kerala porotta, so fresh and light. Absolutely amazing. 

The staff's committment to freshly making everything on site is also refreshing!

Another thumbs up for Puraan, whether eat in or takeaway.

Yet another shout out for Puraan - had lunch there last week and the masala dosa was the best I've ever had. Also yummy okra, biryani and dhal.

I do agree. It's a welcome addition.



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