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Found mouse droppings in kitchen cupboards and floor boards 

Recommendations for someone please.

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unless you're absolutely overrun with them, i'm not sure it's worth getting in a professional exterminator.

in the past when we've had them, we just load traps with bits of "Snickers" - they seem to be more attracted to chocolate/peanuts than they are cheese - and we usually wipe out a family within 10 days or so.

these are the traps we bought: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ales-Reusable-Catcher-Indoors-Outdoors/dp/... - they work VERY well!

David is the man. Lovely bloke who is happy to offer free advice and reluctant to charge if he doesn't feel he can sort the issue.

Forget traps and poison. You need to deal with how they are getting into the property. David systematically works through the house filling holes to stop entry. He will get behind the kitchen cupboards etc to do the same.

Traps are the best solution; you catch them and dispose of the body.

Stay away from poison for two reasons. First, majority of then don't work and secondly if it works, they may go and die somewhere that you may not be able to access (under floor boards, etc) then you'll have to deal with the stench for several weeks.

Good luck.

What Alligator said.  I have a nextdoor neighbour who poisons mice and we live with the stink.  I have cats so the mice don't bother me or get exterminated pdq if they venture above the floorboards.

I've used an electronic mousetrap from Screwfix with some success

David Parnell is great! 

Found Sticky Boards are the best

No bait mess. Add a bit of peanut butter / Jam

And put under furniture. You will hear them if on board. Just fold over board and put in dustbin 

At around £1 for two boards from £1 shops or ebay 

My house has a Rat run under the front of property. Old building. Where I have a few boards that I can lift if I hear the, under boards. Used a mixture of different Rat Baits. Thankfully they do not seem to die under my property . Aware next door they have had mice coming in through skirting. Paid a lot for a firm to put in electronic devices 

As mother say clean the house then no mouse

Gasp. So rude. 

Next door stores food in a wooden shed

They had to call in a a Control firm

Which results in mice and Rats. They state new shed has metal security. But still get them. If I leave back door open. Local cats sit in Garden waiting for them. But seem to play more than control them

As they say you never more than a few Meters from Rat's

Remember many years ago when Council serviced drains they used to put blocks down to control them

Thankfully I live opposite a church that has a number of Foxes. And aware they seem to keep them under control.  Also Corvid - 19 has reduced the amount of fast food that used to get dropped .

Another vote for David Parnell



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