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Very sadly, we have found the body of a white adult cat with striped tabby tail and spots of tabby colouring on face and body. Wearing two collars (one black velvet). It appears to have been hit by a car.

I have a photo for ID, but would rather not post here. 

The cat is now at Hill's Vets, Park Road, Crouch End.

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Can you take it to a vets? They can see if it is chipped and contact the owner. The council may not keep records and the owner will never know. 

The correct thing to do is to hand the body over to the nearest vet. The vet will scan for the chip and contact the owners. The council will just dispose of it as waste and won't scan for the chip. The owners will never know and won't be able to say goodbye to their cat or arrange for a burial/cremation. 

Point taken, but just a bit judgy.

Well done for collecting the body. Please can you contact a local vet and take it there? They will scan for a microchip and let the owners know so they can collect the body, otherwise deal with it correctly. If you give it to the council they will just dispose in landfill and the owners will never know what happened. I wouldn’t leave it in your bin as could be got by foxes. 

The cat will be dropped off at Hills in Crouch End later today.

I’ve put this post on a lost cats Facebook group so will update with this info. 



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