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Hilarious tweet tonight from David Lammy where he accuses the BBC of being crass when they tweeted that we can either expect black or white smoke coming out of the Sistine Chapel in the next couple of days to announce that they have agreed on a new pope.
Lammy thought that the BBC were referring to the skin colour of the new pope.
His silly tweet led to other hilarious tweets from people eg David Lammy announces that chess sets are racist etc etc. But also not so funny tweets as: The people of Tottenham get the MP that they deserve.
Silly Billy.

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Its an indictment on all of us that he is our MP.

There haven't been any improvements in Tottenham in all the years he has been in office except those brought about by the arrival of middle class people who couldn't afford Stoke Newington or Islington.

Without bias, if I was guaranteed a huge majority as an MP for doing as little or as much as possible, I would probably follow the example.

Labour has no incentive to improve the lives of Tottenham residents. They can continually blame the Government and spin the devisive politics of race always finding someone else to blame. They know that if the lives of local people improve then those people will no longer vote Labour. And so we have David Lammy and the council.

I couldn't agree more Devon. On a much larger scale it's what's happening in Scotland, as it is turning ever more sclerotic with health, addiction and a lowering life expectancy the SNP just turn the rhetoric up. As the sayings go: 'the poor will vote for the people that keep them poor', 'stick a red rosette on a donkey.....'.

Yes, the Scottish separatists are very naive. Scotland can't afford to wash its own face (even of we let them have a share of the oil and gas).

Whisky and tourism isn't going to pay for defence, welfare, health service, free universities, schools etc etc etc. And the EU isn't going to admit them if they can't pay their own way. 



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