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I recently moved to the area and so far have lots of praise. My one main gripe however is that cycling in and out of the area is a real ball ache. Understandably Green Lanes, as a sort of commercial hub, is busy and somewhat risky but the real shocker is discovering that the more residential Wightman Road (the only other option...) is probably just as bad!

I've got about a decade's worth of experience cycling throughout different parts of London but the current state of Wightman Road is probably the worst I can think of.

Is this a shared sentiment in the area? And if so is there anything being done about it?

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Wightman is a known death-run for bikes. Despite being a strategic north-south route that should connect with the one in Enfield, and have a protected cycle lane, nothing is done - probably for fear of the motorist lobby

How many cyclists do you know of who have been killed on Wightman Rd?

Wow, despite most of the replies in this thread being quite helpful this one is disappointing. Out of interest what exact number of dead cyclists would you need to see before you allowed it to be considered dangerous? 

It should be pretty obvious to anyone who's been on a bike on that road for two minutes that a fatal collision is not an 'if' but a 'when'.

He said it is a known death run. Now is it, or is it just his perception ? 

If there has been no fatal accident yet, and your comment implies that there hasn't, is it a death run ?

Surely even you realise this is useless and misleading semantics?

Very few people have died from radiation poisoning near Chernobyl since the disaster. Does that mean it would have been wrong to categorise it as a deadly radioactive zone as not enough deaths have occurred? Or is it simple because the mere knowledge that they could die is enough to deter people and therefore bias the statistics...? 

Probably not many because we avoid it. I always used Green Lanes instead. It's busy but so busy that motor traffic is slower.

There should (should,,,,) be something coming next year by way of a solution to the Ladder traffic. We're probably closer now than we've ever been, but, we'll believe it when we see it. 

Hi Hugh, that's exactly what I was hoping to find out, thanks for the information! I have no prior experience of Haringey council but fingers crossed they don't drag their feet over it too much.

The thing is, there is just no north south capacity (IE.e a n/s circular that goes down into the city - hence the mess around here. 

With the recent changes on Wightman and the introduction of cameras for HGVs, guess what - the extra traffic is just on Oakfield now lol.

That’s interesting because after a short period of reduced traffic, I think Wightman is back to what it was. 

There's been a really noticeable uptick in road usage, especially HGVs - it's particularly noticeable with the aggressive bumps at the bottom of the hill, where lorries think it's ok to be bombing at 30.

I really can't offer a solution apart from building a new underground dual carriageway (which would never happen) or charging higher costs for through traffic (ends up hitting the poorest disproportionately).

I think with the demographic coming in and out, unfortunately there's no corralling into public transpo, so we'll have to wait until quieter and safer electric cars come about.

I think we'll find that, if he stays in post, the current Haringey traffic boss is serious about controlling not only the borough's through-traffic but overall traffic levels.

Three low traffic neighbourhoods have already been approved covering a large area of the east/south east part of the borough and Bounds Green. We're told the the Ladder is next of the list. Apparently, they'll be looking at it in conjunction with neighbouring areas that may be impacted. After that, I'm sure that Stroud Green will be on the list. 



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