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We've recently had our house refurbished but a (possible) rising damp issue wasn't addressed by the builders. Can anyone recommend a damp specialist?

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A controversial topic! There is a growing school of thought that rising damp does not exist and the practice of injecting chemicals into drilled holes in the brickwork are totally useless. https://www.heritage-house.org/damp-and-condensation/the-fraud-of-r... Is an entertaining read, but you have to take what he says with a pinch of salt as he’s evangelical the other way. 

there is a lot to be said for understanding the true causes of internal dampness which are normally condensation, poor ventilation, and leaks from pipes etc. An independent damp survey from someone not trying to sell you anything (ie you’ll have to pay for it) might help.  

Many thanks. I've had a company called Refresh round (recommended on HOL). He was very reasonable and actually confirmed what I though might be causing the problem. We've got a typical terrace where they've concreted out the front raising the level above the DPC. So a narrow french drain should do the trick. 

Hi used a company called Regency Preservation (Regency HDT,Studio 210,Mill Studio Business Centre,Crane Mead,Ware,Herts. SG12 9PY Tel: 01992 509201.) Don't be put off by their location. 

My surveyor identified damp within the property during other works. He vetted 3 companies and the Freeholders and I decided to go with them. They were extremely professional and didn't use the injection method. Recently I called them out for a different damp issue and asked them to provide a report for the Freeholders, as the Freeholder's maintenance guy was unable to pinpoint the cause. The surveyor came out from Wales and was in London before 9am. He identified it as a split to the rear of the downpipe. The report cost £75 + vat, which I felt was extremely reasonable. 

They also guarantee any work.




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